Gom Dat Viet Celebrated 2015 financial year ending

On 1/1/2016 celebrated the successful at financial year ending 2015 at Vinpearl, Halong.

Mr – Nguyen Duy Hung, the board of director’s counsellor, the formal provincial party committee secretary of Quang Ninh and his wife, the officers of Dong trieu districts, business partners, and the board of directors also attended at the ceremony.


In 2015, with the determination and care of all employees and board of directors, it was a big financial year for Gom Dat Viet. In 2015, the turnover and the income before taxes soared. Parallelly, Gom Dat Viet also did its duty on the payment to State budget, social responsibility.


At the ceremony, the Labour Hero – Nguyen Quang Mau – President of both companies mentioned that it was a huge successful year and the most important thing that the company has archived was the inventions to help increasing the effective in production. As a result, the employee’s benefit also shot up especially in salary. According to the Labour Hero-Nguyen Quang Mau, financial situation of the company was in a good shape, it was also a basic foundation, an opportunity for company to re-invest as well as make more investments to raise up the products quality in order to be more competitive on the national and worldwide market.